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BrandIndex is the authoritative measure of brand perception. Unlike any other brand intelligence service, it continuously measures the public's perception of thousands of brands across multiple sectors and countries simultaneously. 

An instant picture of your brand's health

YouGov BrandIndex

BrandIndex operates both nationally and internationally allowing companies to track their brand's health in one country, across multiple countries or monitor a global picture. Every single day thousands of consumers are interviewed online, yielding over 2.5 million interviews a year globally. 

Data is refreshed daily and is instantly available through the unique BrandIndex online reporting website which companies subscribe to. This makes it easy for them to keep a constant eye on their brand's health and immediately spot and act on any changes in perception.

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Six years of historical data on most brands

With BrandIndex, not only do you get a real-time picture of your brand’s health, but also that of your competitors and entire sectors. With six years' historical data about most brands and their competitors – if you don't subscribe to BrandIndex, your competitors could be better acquainted with your brand’s health than you are.


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YouGov BrandIndex

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